We solve customer churn problems

Does your B2B technology company have a mysterious churn problem? Are you responsible for driving the company to reduce churn and increase upsells? Small changes in percentages have a big impact over time.

You may have thrown the data gurus at the problem in an effort to predict at-risk accounts. You may have had your customer success team do some ad hoc customer interviews in an attempt to uncover root cause. You may even be wondering if you should stop trying to attract these types of customers at the top of the sales funnel due to low lifetime value.

You need a way to reduce churn confidently.

Churn journey remediation

During a 6 week consulting engagement we move beyond the data to uncover what the lead up to churn looks like from your customers' perspective. We pinpoint the moments that matter, uncover the motivations behind them, then map everything out visually so everyone in the company can understand. Then, we fix it... by brainstorming the top initiatives and building the customer success playbook that will transform your churn journey into a renewal journey.


Our approach is different.

  • We are human-centered, scrappy, and evidence driven - bringing design thinking and lean experimentation to customer success challenges

  • We see your company and products through your customers' eyes

  • We look across product, service, sales and customer success silos - all touchpoints are in play

  • We design new experiences as playbooks that can quickly be operationalized into your customer success platform

  • We teach your team methods along the way - leaving you better off when we are gone

Typical engagement

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Our engagements are all tailored to our clients' needs. Here's an example of what one might look like:

  • 6 week consulting engagement per customer segment

  • 10 in-depth persona interviews conducted virtually across key roles (eg. decision maker, project owner, etc)

  • 3 day collaborative, onsite churn journey mapping workshop

  • Quantitative validation (aka survey) of top themes and remediation initiatives

  • High fidelity journey maps, customer success playbook, and clear-cut final business recommendations for senior executives

  • 3 people from your team ride-along to learn how to remediate your next churn problem

Why Method Garage?


We are vested in your business results - we tie a portion of our fees to your retention results

We are the only design company that specializes in churn journeys for B2B SaaS technology companies 

We offer the perfect blend of teacher (Stanford d.school instructors) and practitioner (real world B2B experience as CS/CX execs)

We are as fun to partner with as we are effective

A couple examples of B2B Customer Journey work

While we can't show the extensive plumbing and electrical work behind the walls, we can show you the final paint shining on the walls. Send email to saul@methodgarage.com for examples.