Your enterprise software business is doing well. You've sold to many of the Fortune 100, product sales are growing and your product portfolio is more powerful than ever. Not to mention your customers are receiving real value from their purchase. So why are you nervous about product adoption & utilization?

It's because you know your customers have barely scratched the surface of what your products could do for their business. Both in capabilities of your products as well as use cases throughout their business. Your products and company could be much more sticky if customers received the full value of your products. After all, you aren't just selling technology, you are selling a vision and customers are paying for the value of that vision. The question is... how do you ensure every customer realizes their vision?  

Senior business leaders are turning to new, cutting-edge methods like design thinking to inspire their top accounts and identify ways to solve additional business challenges with the products they already own. First introduced by IDEO and Stanford University, design thinking works by helping your customers to more deeply understand their users' needs and journeys. It inspires companies to uncover new use cases and business challenges across their organization and address them with your software. SalesForce has been experimenting with Design Thinking as a Customer Success strategy for years and has even moved upstream to the initial sales motion using design thinking as the centerpiece of their Ignite program. Design thinking is an exceptional approach to help existing customers and potential customers to "think differently about how the digital revolution might spark new revenue streams, improve operational efficiency, or transform corporate culture."  

Interested to learn more? Speak with the experts who have been in your shoes. Justin Zacks and Saul Gurdus founded innovation company Method Garage after successful careers as Services and Design executives in large, technology companies.

Their rapid, customer facing 1-day product adoption design sprints help customers uncover opportunities and deeply understand the full potential of your products in their environment. It's an experience your customers won't stop talking about.

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