Move from high touch to high leverage

If your company is like most B2B SaaS companies, you have invested in a team of high touch Customer Success Managers (CSMs) to look after your most important customers. You are probably beginning to reap the benefits of this approach - CSMs drive increases in product utilization, account growth and overall customer health. 

But, CSMs are costly and you can't afford this same high touch model for your entire customer base. It's time to build out a low touch model to drive customer success at scale but there is no proven path on this journey. 

  • Can you implement more scalable plays with the technology and resources you already own?

  • Are there new software platforms that should you be considering?

  • Which resourcing models should you explore and is outsourced customer success a viable option?

  • Most importantly, which touchpoints matter most to low touch customers and which can be automated successfully?

Even existing technology vendors in the customer success space fall short when it comes to customizing onboarding experiences for low touch customer success. Nothing is purpose built for this. You need a way to bottle up your CSMs' special sauce and confidently move from high touch to high leverage.

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Chart your path to low touch customer success

During an 8 week consulting engagement we move beyond the data to uncover what the on boarding journey looks like from your low touch customers' perspective. We work with your CSMs, customers and business stakeholders to pinpoint moments that really matter, uncover the motivations behind them, and map everything out visually so everyone in the company can understand. Then, we reimagine it... by brainstorming a purpose-built, scalable experience with recommended investments to drive low touch customer success.

Our approach is different.

  • We are human-centered, scrappy, and evidence driven - bringing design thinking and lean experimentation to customer success challenges

  • We see your company and products through your customers' eyes

  • We look across product, service, sales and customer success silos. All touchpoints are in play

  • We design new experiences as playbooks that can quickly be operationalized into your customer success platform

  • We teach your team methods along the way - leaving you better off when we are gone

Typical engagement

Our engagements are tailored to our clients' needs. Here's an example of what one might look like:

  • 8 week consulting engagement

  • 25 in-depth interviews across key roles (customers, CSMs, business leadership)

  • 4 days onsite work (journey mapping & brainstorming workshops)

  • Quantitative validation (aka survey) of top themes and proposed investments

  • Deliverables include high fidelity journey maps, customer success plays, and clear-cut business recommendations for senior executives

Why Method Garage?


We are vested in your business results - we tie a portion of our fees to your retention results

We are the only design company that specializes in designing low touch customer success journeys for B2B SaaS technology companies 

We offer the perfect blend of teacher (Stanford instructors) and practitioner (real world B2B experience as CS/CX execs)

We are as fun to partner with as we are effective

A few examples of B2B Customer Journey work

While we can't show the extensive plumbing and electrical work behind the walls, we can show you the final paint shining on the walls. Send email to for examples.