Method Garage helps you ingrain human-centered approaches into strategy, culture, operations and initiatives.



You have been challenged to lead a cross-functional transformation at your company, but getting everyone to put aside their biases and agendas is easier said than done. You need to create a big splash moment that breaks the mold, creates excitement, unlocks creativity and gets everyone focused on what matters - the customer.

Method Garage workshops create lasting momentum and mic-drop moments for you and your team. Participants learn the basics of design thinking, customer journey mapping, lean startup and agile methods with an eye toward real-world application back at the office. From ½-day inspirational “tastes” for executive offsites to 3-day project kickoff bootcamps for your team, these workshops always create aha-moments for senior executives and front line employees alike.

 Personas & Journey Maps 

Journey collage.png

You have been trying to put customers at the center of your product, marketing and services efforts but everyone in the company seems to have a different definition of “the customer.” What defines the customer beyond demographics? What motivates them? What keeps them up at night? Which moments matter most to them? Personas and journey maps answer these questions in a highly consumable way that can be shared virally across your organization.

Method Garage personas and journey maps are deep, compelling narratives representing your key customer segments, their psychological needs and motivational drivers. When you bring in Method Garage to create personas and journey maps, your team gets a hands-on, front row education in the process and techniques of uncovering deep insights and turning them into a vision for the future - an experience you will never forget.

Design Sprints

You have identified a product, service or customer experience idea worth pursuing. But, it’s early days - the idea hasn’t taken shape yet. You want the team to take a fresh new approach to this opportunity and design it fast, iteratively and collaboratively with customers.

Method Garage design sprints are intensive weeklong bursts of customer-centered design activity that turn a rough idea into a higher-fidelity, tested prototype with evidence of desirability, feasibility and viability. Sprints typically include an offsite workshop in our Boulder or San Francisco design studios where the Method Garage team works alongside your project team in an intensive, rapid, iterative way to bring your idea into the real world.


You have generated a portfolio of promising ideas on how to reimagine your products, services and customer experience. But, with limited resources, how do you know which initiatives are worth investment? You wish your teams were providing more evidence of customer desire, business viability and feasibility in order to de-risk your investment.

Method Garage incubators draw inspiration from the venture capitalist model: make small, upfront investments across a portfolio of project teams and create an environment that de-risks their ideas in a fast, smart, customer centered way. These are typically 8 week intensive programs that employ a blend of design thinking and lean startup methods to help your cohort (up to 6 project teams) distill their ideas into airtight business cases.