You're in uncharted (customer experience) territory.


Developing a world-class brand platform has become table stakes. 

Winning your customers' attention, trust and advocacy is a new game now. Consumerization has changed the way they are searching for solutions. Content proliferation and personalization have raised the bar on what resonates. Freemium models have changed the way they develop trust in a brand.  

In this new world, you are scrambling to understand your buyer's journey and compete on customer experience.

It has become clear that your company is not well grounded in the buyer's journey. And, there is no clear vision or framework for what the customer experience should be. You get to lead the charge to fix this. Great opportunity, but not an easy task. 

As a marketing executive, getting your company and department re-oriented to the customer's journey is tough.

Developing buyer personas is great, but not enough. You need to get your people thinking and working differently. Seeing beyond their functional area. Collaborating in new ways. Obsessed with looking at the world from the outside in instead of inside out.

To change hearts and minds, you need a compelling customer experience framework and a way to get people working toward it.

You need to send a signal: "We're going to market differently." "We are going to approach problems in a new way." "I know how to get there!" 

But, you've never lead a customer experience revolution quite like this before.  

It's uncharted territory. You need some inspiration and guidance from others who have been there. Good news: you're not alone. Join this free webinar to learn how cutting edge marketing leaders are getting traction in reimagining their customers' journey.

Webinar: Leading Customer Journey Design

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