We create customer obsession through audio

It’s tough to rewire a large company from internally focused to customer obsessed. That’s because creating a customer obsessed culture means changing hearts and minds. Traditional tactics like customer survey programs and journey mapping offer plenty of great information, but they don’t create passion or motivation to change. They don’t tap into the galvanizing power of empathy and emotion.

It’s time to get everyone in your company genuinely fired up about customer experience. It’s time to do something different.

Audio journeys

There’s something magical about well told stories

Isn’t it ironic how often our customer “listening” programs don’t actually involve any listening?

Take two and a half minutes to listen to our audio journey trailer. Imagine every leader and employee in your company listening to your customer’s journey. No visuals to distract them. No numbers to poke holes in. No pitches to make. Just the raw, authentic voice of your customer - inviting them to ride along on their journey, feel their pain, hear their delight.

Now, imagine that the story actually consists of MANY of your customers’ voices… and a narrator that ties the whole journey together - emphasizing the moments that matter most, and putting a spotlight on worthwhile company initiatives to improve the painful moments.

How we do it

From kickoff to release in 6-8 weeks

  1. Immerse in your company’s brand, goals and customer segments

  2. Investigate your customer journey and the moments that matter most

  3. Record virtual interviews with key employees and customers, capturing the good, bad and ugly

  4. Synthesize all research then weave together the most important stories into a narrated audio journey

  5. Edit, edit and edit some more until it’s tight, polished and ready to go viral

  6. Hand over audio files that you will be excited to share with your entire company

NOTE: We also offer journey immersion workshops and visual journey maps as optional add-ons to an audio journey

Let’s talk about this stuff

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Why Method Garage?


We are expert interviewers. Like journalists, we get deeper into your customers’ experience than ever before.

We are professional storytellers. Cut from the same cloth as NPR podcasters, we unfold your customer journey with a punch.

We lived this problem as former Customer Experience and Services executives in large technology companies.

We understand what it takes to bridge internal silos and motivate teams.

Examples of our B2B Customer Experience work

While we can't show the extensive plumbing and electrical work behind the walls, we can show you more about what got done. Send email to saul@methodgarage.com for examples.