Unlock the creative potential of HR with design thinking



The war for talent has never been more intense and you are at the helm leading the company’s talent strategy. The same old "corporate playbook" for talent acquisition, employee engagement and leadership development is no longer sufficient. Those are table stakes now. 

Efforts to get your HR team outside of the box to truly differentiate have resulted in the same analysis of recruiting metrics, surveys and succession charts. You need to get them thinking about experiences first. The experience of a job candidate. What it feels like to be a top performing employee and what makes them tick. What the career growth journey looks like and feels like for a leader.

HR leaders are turning to new, cutting-edge methods like design thinking to inspire their teams and innovate the future of HR. Design thinking is a human-centered approach to innovation first introduced by IDEO and Stanford University. It has been adopted widely by companies around the world to inspire product and service innovation and now it is being successfully applied to Human Resources design. 

Give your team an injection of excitement and inspiration. Attack your big rock priorities from a completely different perspective. Join an exclusive group (15) of senior HR leaders for a virtual, 1hr HR Design ThinkTank on Tuesday, December 6th

  • Review a design thinking workshop playbook specifically for HR teams

  • Discuss the tips, tricks, and traps of leading innovation in HR

Book now to reserve your spot. Attendance is limited to 15.

Design thinktank for HR leaders (Tuesday - Dec 6th)

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